air washer

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                            Air Washer


                Air washers in addition to be as a kind of filter , are  used as cooling , heating      

              humidifier units in conjunction with   ISFAHANDAMA  air handling units . 


               Features :  
               - Basins are made of galvanized steel sheet metals with proper

                 thickness and epoxy painted .

               - Body is made of galvanized steel sheet metal and fabricated by

                 galvanized bolts and nuts.         

                -Piping is galvanized or P.P. Material .  

                - Nozzles are brass , Polycarbonate. or S.S. Diffusers.

                - Pumps are submersible inside Preinstalled .   

                - Eliminators are galvanized or PVC.

                - Single bank For class 4 and 6 .

                - double bank For class 8.