Unit Heater


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Unit Heater

     Unit heaters supply warm air by using hot water or steam witch is available from central mechanical room . Unit heaters are used in large buildings such as industrial areas , sport halls , green rooms and public buildings . Room temperature is controlled by thermostat .Units are manufactured in 7 models and capacities from 20 to 400 MBH.



Main structure is  made of anodized aluminum special profiles, erected by proper corners.

Body : Panels are made of steel sheets with proper thickness.

They are powder coating painted.Adjustable damper is installed in air outlet side to control air stream ,and local heating if required

Fans: fans are direct drive and axial flow propeller type. All fans are balanced to lower operating noise and vibration. Fans are ILKA design and high efficiency made by Damandeh Co. 

Coils: coils are made by copper tubes and aluminum fins, 8 fins / inch for lower air and water friction losses. Coils made of seamless or galvanized steel pipe with aluminum fins are optional parts.