Closed Circuit

Cooling Tower


Closed Circuit


Is used for cooling water and other fluids.

fluid temperature  drops  without contacting the air , so air contaminats don’t mix with the fluid . Thay are fabricated in three main parts.

1- Coil section

2- Fan section

3- Water shower section and basin .


1- The coil section is made of copper tubes  .

    Stainless Steel pipe and galvanized steel pipes are options per request .


2- The fan is centrifugal forward curved type , statically and dynamically  

    balanced . fan capacity depends on tower capacity and its cross sectional

    area . Motor is motogen :  380 – 3 – 50  


3- Water shower section is made of galvanized steel pipes and brass nozzles .    Basins are made of galvanized steel sheets and epoxy painted .

   Pump is selected from famous brands .