Counter Flow

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Counter Flow  ( forced draft )


- Capacity from 10 to 1140  tons .

- Basins are made of galvanized steel sheets with proper thickness and epoxy    painted .

- Body is made of galvanized steel sheets and fabricated by  galvanized bolts    and nuts .

- Fans are centrifugal  type , balanced .

- Eliminators are PVC or galvanized sheet metal

- Piping is galvanized pipe and fittings .

- Nozzles are brass or PVC .

- Fillings are  PVC  pads .

- Motors are motogen :  380 – 3 – 50  

Cooling Tower ( Counter Flow ) :

Counter Flow Cooling Towers are used in Air conditioning and industrial projects .
Specifications :
Body :Cooling tower bodies are made of galvanized steel sheets and different parts are mounted by galvanized screws and nuts.

Basin :Basins are made of heavy gauge galvanized steel sheets and epoxy painted ( coltar epoxy ) inside

Fan:Fans are forward curved centrifugal type and made of galvanized steel sheets . Fans are located in Air entrance to cooling tower causes long life operation . units operate silence and quiet because of statically and dynamically balanced fans .

Cooling pads :Cooling pads are made of PVC or ABS materials having special forms to increase cooling efficiency . Cooling pads may be made of galvanized steel sheets . Cooling pads instruction also decrease Air pressure loss through cooling tower .

Eliminators :Eliminators are made of galvanized steel sheets and located in air outlet from the units . Eliminators causes treated water saving .

Motors :Electrical motors are 380- 3 – 50. power and quantities are shown in tables .

Painting :Interior surface of Isfahan Dama cooling tower Basins are painted by coltar epoxy and other surfaces are painted by wash primer and synthetic paint .

Water distributing system : Is made by galvanized steel pipes having special centrifugal nozzles to perform uniform water spread up on cooling pads .